FS Global 2008 for FSX

FS Global 2008 for FSX 10.0

FS Global 2008 - 13Gb of global terrain data, sourced from NASA's Space Shuttle
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FS Global 2008 provides 13Gb of the very latest global terrain data, sourced from NASA's Space Shuttle missions at the end of 2006. While standard scenery in the Flight Simulator world is rendered with elevation points a massive 1.2km apart, FS Global 2008 provides new 'mesh terrain' with points only 76m apart and in some areas such as the Alps this is enhanced to only 19m apart - that's up to 63x more detail than standard!

No longer will your favorite areas appear a poor representation of real-life - now mountains soar and valleys plunge. Even coastlines and rolling hills are more lifelike, making every flight, wherever you are in the world, a genuine delight.

Whether you fly in Flight Simulator 2004 or Flight Simulator X - this is the most complete and detailed scenery upgrade ever.

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